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wellbeing oil oil massage for sore muscles


- Your Natural Path to
Pain Relief and Recovery

Product Story

At Wellbeing Physiotherapy, our professional physiotherapists dedicate their heart and soul to solutions for your pain and injuries. While we provide the most suitable treatment, recovery does not stop at the clinic. You are able to continue recovery and improvement at home with our professional product - Wellbeing Oil.

It is our exclusive treatment oil formulated by our Principal Physiotherapist Kevin Lau. Wellbeing Oil is made with 100% natural ingredients, blended in Australia and listed at TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). Wellbeing Oil is like a pair of healing hands at the comfort of your own home.

Wellbeing Oil back pain relief oil massage
pain relief essential oil
Principal Physiotherapist Mr Kevin Lau

The Name Behind Wellbeing

Many of our clients are familiar with Kevin’s smiling face when they step into our clinic. He started Wellbeing Physiotherapy in 2014, motivated by his passion and dedication to physiotherapy since more than 30 years ago. He has taught at a local university in Western Australia, as well as supervised many physiotherapy students in their clinical placements.

Kevin is capable of designing effective and progressive treatments, and management programs for clients so that they are on the right path to recovery. He even takes the extra step of developing his own Wellbeing Oil which provides temporary relief for mild pain and aches. It is free of chemicals, unpleasant scents and irritation on the skin. Wellbeing Oil is a soothing remedy clients can apply between treatment sessions to maximise clinical outcome.

Every ingredient in Wellbeing Oil is carefully selected by Kevin. It is a 100% nature-friendly blend of oil to temporarily relieve mild muscle and joint pain, just like Kevin’s healing hands.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Inside Nature's Pantry: Discover the Healing Power of Wellbeing Oil's Ingredients


The founder of Wellbeing Physiotherapy is inspired by the childhood memory of his mother.


He used to watch her dip fresh ginger into her “magic potion” for her aching knees.


In traditional practice, ginger promotes blood circulation, thus effectively reduces pain and muscle tension.

ginger essential oil for pain relief - wellbeing massage oil
eucalyptus essential oil for pain relief - wellbeing massage oil


eucalyptus essential oil for pain relief - wellbeing massage oil

The valuable essence of Eucalyptus can promote calmness and tenderness for our skin.


It is nature’s gift to relieve joint and muscle pain associated with sprain and strain.

Our Outback is full of other natural wonders. With just the right blend of ingredients, Wellbeing Oil can work its wonder for your pain and discomfort at home.

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