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Wellbeing Oil

Your Natural Ally Against Pain 

wellbeing oil oil massage for sore muscles
oils for aching joints physio cream

Discover Wellbeing Oil's Pure Plant-Powered Relief

At Wellbeing Physiotherapy, we understand that recovery is a journey

 - a path you should be able to walk with confidence and comfort, whether you're a dedicated physiotherapist, an active sports enthusiast, or someone seeking solace from pain.

Wellbeing Oil is not just another product on the shelf.

It is our Principal Physiotherapist Kevin Lau's passion project, developed with an intricate understanding of what truly helps with muscle and joint discomfort.

Each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen, not just for its natural essence but for its effectiveness and ability to harmonise with your body's needs.

Our 100% pure and natural formula, is TGA listed and is your assurance of quality and trust in Wellbeing Oil. We are dedicated to your wellbeing, offering a solution crafted by a physiotherapist, for everyone to benefit.

Born from Nature, Backed by Science

The Secret is Out - Your Best Kept Secret for Pain Relief

Physiotherapists have whispered about the amazing benefits of ingredients like ginger and eucalyptus—and now we've bottled up that secret for you.


These treasures of Mother Earth are renowned for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, providing relief right at the source of discomfort.

Feel the difference with every drop:

  • Eases: Muscle & joint discomfort

  • Soothes: With nature's most therapeutic extracts

  • Empowers: Your self-care routine

  • Natural: Made in Australia from Australian Ingredients

Simplify Your Path to Relief:

Wellbeing Oil is a temporary remedy for mild muscle and joint pain when you are at home.

oil massage for sore muscles

Mild Muscle Pain

Whether it's from an unexpected sports injury or the strains of daily life.

Wellbeing Oil offers a comforting touch to ease your muscle pain.

oil massage for sore muscles

Muscle Soreness

After pushing your limits in exercise or work, your muscles deserve the nurturing care of oils that can soften the impact of overexertion.

oils for aching joints physio cream

Aching Joints

Life is movement, and you shouldn't have to endure it in pain.

Our therapeutic oil provides a sigh of relief for joints burdened by stress and time.

With one easy pump from our bottle, apply a small amount of Wellbeing Oil

on the affected area and massage well.

Wellbeing Oil is NOT recommended for children age 6 or under. If you have any questions, our physiotherapists are happy to share more helpful tips on usage.

From Professional Hand to you

Genuine Experiences from Real Users:

Wellbeing Oil has been a lifesaver for me, especially during exam season! 


It really helped ease muscle tension in my neck and shoulders, a welcome respite from exam stress.


Plus, I found its unique scent to be calming and relaxing, not overwhelming or irritating like other brands often are.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who’d appreciate some extra pain relief from their muscles!


Feel The Benefits

pain relief oil for sore muscles

Experience the healing touch of Wellbeing Oil, a powerful solution for all your pain and recovery needs.


Crafted by our Principal Physiotherapist for at-home recovery. Infused with 100% natural ingredients and TGA-listed, it's your personal remedy for pain, made in Australia.

The Wellbeing Oil is not just any ordinary oil, it's a TGA-listed product which means it meets the strict standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This ensures that you are using a safe and effective product for your pain relief and recovery.


pain relief essential oil for joint pain -Wellbeing Oil
oils for aching joints physio cream

Developed with devotion, Wellbeing Oil is 100% natural and pure goodness from plants and herbs of our Mother Earth, listed at TGA.

Some of Wellbeing Oil’s active ingredients are our physiotherapist's
 “Best Kept Secret”:



Essential Oils

From Our Professional Hands to Yours

Meet Grandma Lu

Discover the remarkable story of Grandma Lu and how using natural Wellbeing Oil has transformed her life, offering a beacon of hope for those seeking relief from aches and pains without resorting to harsh chemicals.


This traditional remedy, backed by a fusion of science and nature, has captured the hearts of seniors and athletes alike, leading to widespread acclaim and a flurry of positive testimonials.


Grandma Lu's endorsement — "I've been using this product from my 70s into my 80s, and now I recommend it to my friends every day." — encapsulates the essence of this potent yet gentle solution to every day aches and pains.


Uncover more about how this oil redefines natural healing and explore countless success stories by visiting Grandma Lu's story 


success story of wellbeing oil pain relief oil
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